Featured Team Players

Please take a look at our Featured Team Players

IPACC features Aboriginal People who are involved in promoting physical activity by participating in sports, recreation, fitness and traditional activities.

IPACC feels it is important to acknowledge the great people out there who are involved with physical activities for their successes no matter the size. It is for this reason we have created the “Featured Team Players” webpage. We want to honor all of our team players for their participation in physical activity, and with us, but most importantly for being positive healthy living role models to our communities.

If you are interested in becoming one of our Featured Team Players please email a 250 word bio related to your achievements and/or work in sports, recreation, fitness and/or traditional activities and a photo of yourself to aboriginalpacc@gmail.com. If you have a website you can also provide me with that information and I will add a link to it. We will be placing the featured players under the following categories: Athletes, Coaches, Officials, Fitness Instructors/Leaders, Teachers, Researchers, Cultural Teachers/Practitioners, and Administrators. If you have a preferred category let me know as well.

We would love to add you as a featured IPACC Team Player and we look forward to hearing from you.