Indigenous Physical Activity & Cultural Circle

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The Indigenous Physical Activity and Cultural Circle (IPACC) is a network for Indigenous people who are involved in Sports, Recreation, Fitness and Traditional Activities. IPACC is a registered non-profit organization.

The Vision of IPACC is to establish and expand relationships between individuals engaged in physical activity by improving access to resources, and promote exposure to health and wellness opportunities.

The IPACC mission is to create a community of mentors, leaders, participants, and supporters who promote physical activity as a way to health and wellness.

Participation in IPACC, as a Team Player, is free for all Indigenous people who are involved in sports, recreation, fitness, or traditional activities. Indigenous will be defined as a person who identifies to being First Nations/Indian, Métis or Inuit. You can register on our website to engage in the network. The benefits of being an IPACC Team Player are:

- Access to discounts on IPACC events
- Meet other Indigenous teams, coaches, athletes, officials, or fitness leaders
- Meet people involved in traditional physical activities
- Meet people involved in education or research related to physical activity
- Access to research articles
- Be involved in healthy living challenges
- Receive newsletters
- Access to classifieds
- Be featured on our website

The IPACC will be guided in the development of the network by advisory committees in the following areas:

· Elders
· People with Special Needs
· Women
· Youth

IPACC Team Players will be invited to join the advisory committee and there will be a maximum of 6 participants in each area. The Advisory committees will be supported to attend conference call meetings with the members of the committee once a month and will provide minutes that will be posted on the website. The goal of the conference call meetings is to provide feedback to the IPACC Executive Director and staff on areas where the network can develop relationships and improve support for participants. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Currently IPACC are creating fund raising projects to create community grants. We are planning our 5th Annual National Indigenous Physical Activity Conference in Toronto, Ontario. IPACC charges no administrative fees for any of their services towards developing the association.

IPACC Volunteers and Board of Directors

The IPACC Executive Director is Dr. Rosalin Miles, she volunteers 100% of her time to develop this network. Dr. Miles has also made available her administrative staff, Shawn Hanna, from her private consulting business. Dr. Miles will seek funds to support future staff positions to develop the network. IPACC currently has 5 Board of Directors from a variety of health and wellness backgrounds.

IPACC Office Location

The IPACC office is location on Musqueam: 4169 Staulo Cresent, Vancouver BC V6N 3S1